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Needing Talent

Donatech primarily supports Enterprise clients via Managed Service Providers (MSP's).  Last year, MSP programs accounted for 94% of all revenue.  Our specialization in this delivery model makes us different from competitors that switch between multiple delivery models.  From top to bottom, every employee is focused on one model and on our vertical industry niche, which primarily involves engineering and manufacturing in the areas of aerospace/ defense, scientific applications, transportation, and large scale integration projects.

Donatech is able to geographically support clients on both a regional and national level – including most metropolitan areas.

Donatech’s recruiting team is structured to have competitive success in MSP/VMS environments and have a favorable track record with companies like Allegis, Kelly OCG, Superior, Volt, DCR, PRO Unlimited, etc. Client administered score cards consistently rank Donatech near the top in categories such as Activity to Job Reqs, Quality of Submissions, Time to Fill, Price and Compliance.

Finally, Donatech’s Recruiting Department is organized by client and labor types so our specialists are speaking with your specialist. Recruiting and Sales are kept as separate functions. Recruiting does utilize our in-house engineering project team for assistance in understanding technical job reqs and screening candidates.

Locations Served

Donatech has national recruiting capabilities and experience.  Donatech has employees working in over 30 states and numerous metro areas.

US Map.png

Donatech is a niche supplier of technical employees to companies that specialize in engineering and technology. Below is a partial list of our end clients.​

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MSP PM to MSP PM Referral: 


"Hey Steve – wanted to pass along a quick note to make you aware of a supplier – Donatech – that we have at (Fortune 100 Company) who has really done well for us since we brought them in a year ago…they are turning out to be one of our top engineering suppliers in the program.  My assumption is you guys / (A peer Fortune 100 Company) aren’t actively looking to add suppliers, but due to the success they’ve had at here – combined with the fact that they have a very good solution to deliver on MSP business – I thought it was worth passing their name on to you…along with their POC, Patrick Adam.  And Pat understands there are no expectations with them getting into the program…but in the event you start thinking about adding to your supply base, I think you should give them some consideration.   


You know I don’t pass along suppliers to you and our colleagues too often, but thought they deserved to be mentioned for one of our larger mfg. clients.


Thanks..hope all is well on your end".



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Engineering & Scientific

Donatech started 30 years ago as a software engineering company - helping clients meet FAA software certification standards (DO-178) for various types of aviation equipment (Displays, FMS, COM, etc.).  Today, Aerospace-Defense remains our largest supported industry and Donatech’s highly skilled professionals range from drafters to technicians and engineers to project managers. 


During the Dot-com bubble (2000-2002) Donatech needed additional work opportunities for its engineers.   Our FAA DO-178 expertise transferred well to FDA (510K) software.  Once Donatech gained familiarity with the medical device industry we were able to expand into Pharma as well and support and variety of roles. 


Offering contract, contract-to-hire and direct placement opportunities, we partner with each candidate to ensure the opportunity is aligned with their unique career goals.  See our linked positions at  https://www.donatech.com/jobs and typical job titles below.

  • Components Engineer

  • Configuration Management Engineer

  • Design Engineer

  • Designers

  • Drafters

  • Electrical Engineer

  • Electronics Technician

  • Embedded Software Engineer

  • Engineering Programmer

  • Facilities Engineering

  • Hardware Engineer

  • Industrial Engineering

  • Manufacturing Engineer

  • Mechanical Engineer

  • Mechanical Technician

  • Network Engineer

  • Power Systems Engineer

  • Project Engineer

  • Quality Engineer

  • Reliability Engineer

  • Software Engineer

  • Software Technician

  • Software Validation

  • Spacecraft Engineer

  • Structural Analysis Engineer

  • Systems Architect

  • Systems Engineer

  • Test Engineer

  • Chemist

  • Drafter

  • Scientist

  • Interactive Project Manager

  • Quality Assurance

  • Occupational Health Nurse

  • Biologist

  • Clinical Research

  • Laboratory Technician

  • Microbiologist

  • Nurse

  • Regulatory Affairs

Skilled Trades

Donatech primarily works with Fortune 500 companies offering contract and contract-to-hire opportunities.  We take everyone’s unique situation into account as we align our opportunities to unique career goals.

Our skilled candidates range from light industrial and skilled trades to management.  See our linked positions at https://www.donatech.com/jobs and typical job titles below.

  • Administrative Assistant

  • Aircraft Governance Coordinator

  • Buyer Assistant

  • Configuration Management Clerk

  • Customer Service Associate

  • Document Controller

  • Engineering Aide

  • Engineering Project Assistant

  • HR Assistant

  • Inventory/Materials Assistant

  • Office Clerk

  • Order/Data Specialist

  • Purchasing Assistant

  • Recruitment Coordinator

  • Service Center Coordinator

  • Shipping Clerk

  • Staffing Coordinator

  • Tax Administrative Support

  • Assembler

  • Assembly Operator

  • Exhaust Processor

  • Inspector

  • Repair Operator

  • Shipping/Receiving Clerk

  • Stock Room Clerk

  • Mechanical Technician

  • Electrician

  • Field Technician

  • Machine Operator

  • Maintenance Technician

  • Satellite Operations

  • Radar and Air Defense

  • Shipping Receiving Clerk

  • Solderer

  • Surveyor

Professional & IT

Our skilled professionals range accountants, procurement, to IT.  Offering contract and contract-to-hire opportunities, we partner with each candidate to ensure the opportunity is aligned with their unique career goals.

See our linked positions at  https://www.donatech.com/jobs and typical job titles below.

  • Accounting

  • Business Analyst

  • Business Systems Analyst

  • Compensation Analyst

  • Computer Support

  • Contract Analyst

  • ETL Developer

  • Financial Analyst

  • Graphics Designer

  • IT Developer

  • IT Project Manager

  • Network Administrator

  • PC Support Technician

  • Programmer/Analyst

  • Service Desk Analyst

  • SharePoint Administrator

  • Software Configuration Manager

  • Software Librarian

  • Systems Administrator

  • Systems Architect

  • Technical Writer

  • Web Developer

Our Staffing Solutions


Payrolling Solutions


Donatech provides Payroll Services to three Fortune 1,000 clients at multiple locations.

Find out why Donatech is a Payroll Provider of choice.


According to the IRS, 33% of businesses make payroll mistakes.  Other problems include potential litigation, employee misclassification, confusion regarding overtime, state unemployment and workers comp. rate exposure, a volatile health care market, etc.

Payroll ‘issues’ reflect poorly on the client and create potential risks that should have been avoided


Case studies

Payroll Case Study 1.png

A client enters into an agreement with a large payrolling firm to handle all W-2 payroll employees.  Neither the client nor the payrolling company is willing to categorize employees by Exempt or Non-Exempt status, thus a conservative approach is used and all payroll employees are treated as Non-Exempt.  Donatech appropriately categorizes Exempt employees, thus saving on overtime cost.

Payroll Case Study 2.png

Many payrolling companies struggle to meet all onboarding and audit documentation.  Donatech only provides contingent labor and only via large Enterprise Clients or MSP run programs that have centralized administration.  This specialization has helped Donatech achieve 100% in compliance from all clients – every year.  Donatech’s ISO9001 and business processes are aligned to meet this challenge.

Payroll Case Study 3.png

Donatech recently completed a third party payrolling audit that covered a three year period and $30M in spend.  Every line of the contract and SLA’s were reviewed.  The audit included Per Diem Testing, Overtime Testing, and all Bill Rate Factors (hours/rates, withholdings, workers comp., etc.).  The involved MSP stated it was the most comprehensive audit they had ever participated in.  Donatech is prepared for detailed payrolling scrutiny!

Experience Donatech

Small business customer service (connect directly with decision makers for quick turnarounds and solutions)

Strong account performance within market niches has led to consistently high scorecards and client growth

Ability to meet clients flow down requirements (ISO9001, ITAR, EEO, Clearances, e-Railsafe, FAA DOT screening, etc.)