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Looking For Employment? We’re On The Job!

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Want to work for a company that knows your name?  Can respond to your questions within minutes?  Provide strong compensation packages?  Responds to individual circumstances?  As a supplier of technical employees, we listen.

Allow us to represent your working desires:

  • Remote Work Arrangements

  • Per Diem

  • Contract-to-Hire

  • Business Travel

  • Advancement

  • Clearance Management

Submit your resume today - it's simple!

Please see our Job Board or email your resume to, along with pay and location preferences.  Our staff will contact you to advance the process if there is a matching position.



"Last week my tenure at Donatech had come to an end and I just want to take this moment to thank all of you for being so wonderful. I’ve worked for many companies throughout my long career, and I can truly say without any hesitation that all of you at Donatech have been the most helpful, courteous, caring, friendly group I have ever worked with. Not only did you take care of every need I brought to your attention, but you all went above and beyond whatever was necessary – and you did so with such sincerity and concern. Whether it was a timesheet issue, security form, health insurance change, or disability insurance application (that was a doozy), you were all relentless to the end. Thank you, one last time, and best wishes to all of you and your families.  Sincerely, Bob"

"Thank-you for your efficient and friendly support during my time at Donatech.  I always received great service whenever I had an issue that required a call. I certainly felt that the Donatech staff cared about my issue and were eager to help. Their advice was always accurate.  I felt that I was being treated valued employee rather than a bother. This is especially notable since I never met any of you except over the phone.  I will enthusiastically recommend Donatech to anyone in need of the contracting services you provide. The service has been first rate.  Best wishes, John"

"First, bottom line, you got results, fast, when many others don't. Second, your "onboarding" process was smooth, efficient, and not unpleasant. Your friendly people made it that way, and thank you for that! Third, payroll is being processed accurately and efficiently. No glitches. Fourth, and finally, your recruiter who reached out to me, Eric, was professional, straightforward, and (call me provincial) obviously a Midwestern person. That was refreshing. I have talked to so many recruiters from far flung locales with such thick accents I can barely understand them, that it was a real pleasure working with Eric. And, as I mentioned, unlike so many of the others, he obtained excellent results.  Regards, Bob"

"I feel Donatech performed magic in seeking me out and getting me hired in my dream job. I tried on my own for years but I received all rejections. The whole process was so simple from the first contact to being chosen for a company. I didn't even need to leave my house! Anytime l need help with anything on the worksite, paperwork wise, or any questions I may have, I receive a response at the same time or within the hour. They are the best recruiter firm I have ever worked with. Excellent job! Don't change a thing. Keep up the good work." -Catherine

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Working with Donatech

Working with Donatech

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