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People. Precision. Purpose.

About Donatech

Why choose our services

Centrally headquartered in Iowa and with employees throughout the U.S., Donatech is able to offer Coast-to-Coast Job Requisition Coverage.  Experience quality and speed via our adherence to ISO9001 processes and focus in niche verticals. Donatech also supports a variety of security clearances and has an FAA DOT drug program.

Our Performance

A small company that delivers BIG - winning Supplier-of-the-Year awards at two Fortune 500 companies.  We only pursue business in areas of inherent strength and a history of performance.  This is why Donatech frequently finishes in the top 25% of many client scorecard categories.

30 Year Anniversar Badge

Our Culture

As a privately owned small business, employees are empowered to make decisions.  Our flat organization structure ensures tough issues are dealt with quickly - providing superior customer service.  Also, Donatech allocates the majority of its resources on recruiting and operations versus sales and marketing.

Any questions or thoughts?

We are always happy to help out!


  • DUNS: 18-524-9695

  • Small Business

  • ISO9001:2015 and ITAR Certified

  • Supplier-of-the-Year to two Fortune 500 Companies

  • Active FAA DOT Drug Screening and Training Program

  • Clearance information available via Cage Code 0ZQ51

  • Four million engineering hours executed since 1987

  • Privately owned, well-capitalized company ensures maximum stability and flexibility

Employee Locations
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Our Past
Our Past.png
Our Past

Founded in 1987, Donatech performed White & Black Box testing of software to help its clients meet FAA RTCA DO-178B certification.  In fact, its first project was a Level A certification on a Boeing 747-400 EICAS display.  Over the years, these software/system engineers worked in many technology areas like.   

  • Avionics (Commercial and DoD)

  • Military Communications (Radios, Transceivers, Datalinks, SATCOM)

  • Software/Hardware certification to the level of modified condition/decision coverage (MC/DC)

  • NextGen Technologies and Heritage Programs

  • Professional and Scientific Applications involving Critical Systems


For projects that couldn't simulate host/target systems, co-location or other arrangements became necessary to access equipment (hardware, test stands, system integrated lab (SIL), etc.  The need for our employees to work a client sites, was the beginning of Donatech transforming into a talent provider versus a manager of talent.

Our Future.png
Our Future

Donatech has tripled the number of Job Requisitions it supports over the last 10 years through organic growth and continues to diversify its client base.  We are national in our delivery model and have scalability to match the growth of our clients. 


Our outlook is bright as we are able to collect more data points of our employees and candidates and further deliver customized content to our target audiences.

Our Future
Our Future
Our Culture (Blue).png
Our Culture

Donatech has always had software/system engineers working in adjacent offices to Donatech's sales and recruiting teams so we have a strong orientation in that area.  As Managed Service Provider (MSP) programs became more prevalent, non-engineering opportunities presented both challenges and tremendous opportunity.  Donatech embraced the change and reformed it's delivery model.

Led by Shreyash Nayak (Talent Acquisition -

Ou Culture

20+ years at Donatech) and Patrick Adam (Account Management - 20+ years at Donatech) a new client delivery model was embraced and implemented.  A centralized team of US based recruiters is supported by offshore sourcing and utilizing state-of-the-art technology.  The transition from being a sales/marketing oriented company to one based on operational efficiency and recruiting results now drives every company decision. 


Donatech is still entrenched in its engineering roots in that we prefer working with large companies that make things versus services only companies.  Being in this vertical niche has allowed overlap and synergies within our recruiting teams.  Our employees are empowered to make decisions and that allows responsiveness to our clients and contract employees. 


Experience working with a small business that understands big business!

Our Culture
Our Diversity.png
Our Diversity

Donatech recognizes the benefits of a diverse workforce and its accountability in shaping the workforce for our clients, talent, community and shareholders. We grow each day through the energy and creativity brought by our diverse workforce.

Diversity is the act of acknowledging, understanding, accepting, valuing and celebrating differences among people with respect to age, ethnicity, gender, physical and mental ability, race, sexual orientation, spiritual practice or veteran status.


The Impact of Diversity

Our differences push us forward as a company and a team. Diverse ideas, cultures and perspectives break down those subconscious barriers and help build a team of more well-rounded employees.

Our mission is to ensure fairness, equality and diversity in attracting, hiring, compensating, motivating and promoting a top performing workforce. We strive to know and understand the development needs of our leaders and employees while delivering innovative programs meeting these needs. As an organization, Donatech works to mirror the rich diversity of the communities in which we live, work and serve.

We aim to develop and sustain a culture of inclusion and fairness where every employee feels valued and revered for their ideas, background and perspective. Our efforts ensure that our business benefits society as a whole in accordance with our core value of simultaneous promotion of all interests.

We will champion diversity as a means of creating new opportunities for employment and economic development. Our leaders embrace the commitment to inclusion as a fundamental business strategy.

Our success is directly tied to the diverse backgrounds, skills and experience of our employees. Valuing those differences, our strategies proactively invite and promote inclusion while driving our ongoing commitment to supporting causes that reflect our employee and community interests.

Inclusion is a reflection of our company culture where every individual feels valued, respected and supported. Our willingness and the ability to recognize, understand, respect and then fully utilize the unique contributions of each individual, to help them achieve their highest potential. Inclusion is what will lead to innovation because the right conditions are in place for individuals to share their ideas.

Our Diversity
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