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Testing to formal standards such as DO-178B, DO-254, or MC/DC using automated tools, Python Scripts, and manual testing techniques. Test Coverage Analysis and unit testing performed via Test-Mate and VectorCAST. Integration testing performed via Wireshark and PASS 3200.  Static Code Analysis using tools like Apex and GNU.  Verification activities include testing of built-in-test, executable object code, code coverage analysis using Test-Mate, VectorCAST, LDRA and Traceability using DOORS.  Document test results in a STR. Testing typically done in a lab environment.

SW Development

RTE Software written for specific hardware or systems.  Primary technologies include: Ada, C/C++, Java, Simulink, MATLAB, UML, and Eclipse. Compilers include Apex, GNAT, GCC, and RTOS such as LynxOS, VxWorks, Linux QNX, INTEGRITY.  Duties include SW requirement and Test Case Traceability, SW Code, Unit Test, and Scripts.

Systems Architect

High level system rqmts capture and coordination across multiple domains of project.  Requires broad system experience that includes SW project experience, systems engineering experience of SW intensive systems, including interfaces and ICDs, system level design, SW reusability, use case and user scenario development. Uses design capture tools including DOORS, Enterprise Architect, IBM Rhapsody, ClearQuest.

Systems Design

Develop documentation controlled in Configuration Management databases such as SVN, ClearCase, and CMVC.  Change Control performed in ClearQuest, Subversion, CTS, or Remedy. Documents are developed in DOORS or Word. Duties include System rqmts, rqmt traceability, test plans, interface docs, and system integration tests.

Hardware Lab Design

Design, build and test System Integration Labs (SIL), test stands, part task trainers, break out boxes, and analog interface circuitry.  Develop rqmts for Integration Environment such as Systems Requirement Document, Simulation Rqmts and System Test Document.  Interpret aircraft wiring diagrams and HW interface design documents. Support System and Test Engineers.  Tools include DOORS, CAD SW, MS Visio.


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