Functional Areas


Radios (Software Defined, various ARC), Data Links (11/22 & 16), Modems (V/UHF), Networks (H/V/UHF, Open Edge SW Suite), SATCOM (MILSTAR/AEHF), Video Receivers. Information Assurance for Type 1 Crypto Devices. Systems include FAB-T, JTRS, and FCS.


Flight Management Systems, GPS Devices (SAASM Receivers, Micro DAGR, PLGR), Inertial Navigation (Flight Controls), Radio Navigation and Landing, Direction-Distance Finding Equipment (ADF, TACAN) and Sensors (Air Data Systems, Location/Direction Finders, Attitude Systems).


Head Down Displays such as Tactical, Primary Flight, Navigation, Diagnostics, Check Lists, Electronic Flight Instrument System (EFIS), Engine Indicating & Crew Alert System (EICAS), Integrated Display System (IDS), and Large Format (LFDS). Other display applications include Cabin, Ground Vehicle, Head Up, Soldier Displays and Moving Map Systems.

Common Simulation Environment

(CSE) and VISTA is software that simulates avionics equipment for use in avionic development environments or product demonstrators. Simulations may include data bus traffic, LRUs, their interactions, and related performance data.

Integrated Systems

System engineering tasks related to Integration of lower level hardware and software components. Primarily involves requirements engineering or test. Cabin Management, Flight Deck (ProLine 4/21, Fusion, Common Avionic Architecture System (CAAS)) , Ground Vehicle, Soldier, and Training. Tools include DOORS, CAD SW, MS Visio, etc.

Radar & Surveillance

Radios (Software Defined, Integrated Surveillance (Tactical Situational Awareness (TSA), Terrain Awareness Warning System (TAWS)), Traffic (TCAS & ACAS), Transponders (ADS-B, Identify Friend or Foe (IFF) Mode S), Weather Radar (Hazard Detection, Displays)

Test Engineering

Design, build and test of misc. HW and SW to test avionics equipment in a lab environment. This includes test fixtures, test procedure SW, test instrumentation, and signal generators, etc.


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